Meet Our Instructors


Katy Huth

Yoga Journey: Katy started practicing yoga in 2007 to increase her own flexibility and compliment her other workouts. She quickly developed a love for the practice and received her 200-hour certification.

Yoga Teaching Style: Katy has a strong passion to empower others to achieve their goals and looks forward to taking her clients to their edge. At the end of her classes, Katy’s goal is to have her students feel relaxed and rejuvenated to assist with healing the mind along with the body.

Outside of Yoga: In addition to owning the studio, Katy is a wife to co-owner Matt, mother of three children and an Emergency Medicine Registered Nurse. Katy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, singing karaoke, and being outdoors.

Terri Ward

Yoga Journey: In 2012, Terri began adding yoga to her weekly workouts to combat stress and improve flexibility. Yoga quickly became a way of life for her.

Yoga Teaching Style: Terri’s teaching style is creative and challenging, while focusing on the individual needs of her students. She is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of her craft with her students in a safe environment conducive to building trust and learning.

Outside of Yoga: Terri works as an administrative medical assistant at The Ohio State University Medical Center in the Department of Orthopaedics. This buckeye is married with two children with the youngest graduating high school this year. She is an animal lover and enjoys volunteering at animal rescues. In addition to yoga, Terri can be found cycling, hiking and rollerblading – anything to be outdoors. Her favorite place to be is on the beach, but any place she can roll out her mat will do just fine.

Favorite Pose: All eka padas

Kelli Parrish

Yoga Journey: Kelli’s was initially reluctant to try yoga, but after suffering from back pain, she decided to give it a shot. She quickly realized that yoga was so much more than just the physical practice and she was craving more!

Yoga Teaching Style: Kelli’s goal is to introduce yoga to as many people as possible! Her classes are based on the fundamentals and she loves introducing yoga to new clients.

Outside of Yoga: Kelli owns her own business as an RN Health Coach and is very passionate about helping people find natural solutions to their health concerns. She is also a dreamer and an adventurer! On the weekends, you will find her and husband hiking, camping, paddle boarding or biking. She loves to travel to new places with one of her goals being to visit every U.S. national park.

Favorite Pose: Tree or side plank

Claudia Hamman

Yoga Journey: Claudia began practicing yoga 15 years ago to compliment her existing workout. After a serious ski injury, she needed to curb her high intensity exercise routine and was having trouble finding a new groove. Yoga helped heal and strengthen her injured knee and reignited her passion for health and fitness. She is now a 200-hour certified instructor that has been teaching for three years.

Yoga Teaching Style: Claudia feels stronger, calmer, and more energetic with yoga in her everyday routine. She wants to share this empowerment with others by planning classes that are filled with positive energy.

Tiffany Gavula

Yoga Journey: Tiffany is a Houston yogi who recently relocated back to her home state of Ohio. She received her certification from Yoga West Teacher Training Program in Katy, Texas and is RYT/200 registered with Yoga Alliance. It was early in her yoga journey that Tiffany realized she had a passion to share yoga with others.

Yoga Teaching Style: Tiffany is particularly interested in making yoga accessible to everyone. Tiffany teaches Restorative, Gentle, All Levels, and Vinyasa Flow yoga. In her classes, special attention is given to linking breath and poses to allow her students to fully experience the union of mind, body and movement.

Favorite Pose: Extended Side Angle

Michelle Sensenich

Yoga Journey: Michelle began practicing yoga to cope with a painful autoimmune disease. Amazed at the amount of relief she experienced, it became her desire to share the healing benefits of yoga with others. After 15 years of practicing and studying different forms of yoga, with a focus on healing the body and mind, Michelle decided to pursue her dream of teaching. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Go Yoga in the fall of 2016.

Yoga Teaching Style: Michelle’s classes provide a safe and nurturing environment for all who wish to practice and learn about the wisdom of yoga; integrating the body, mind and spirit. She strives to empower and guide students in the evolution of their yoga practice and their lives.

Outside of Yoga: When not practicing yoga, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. She loves being outdoors near the water. She has a fondness for all living creatures and is fascinated by the science of life.

Favorite Pose: Lizard and Frog

Abbe Straw


Yoga Journey: Abbe completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga on High in Columbus Ohio and received her yoga certification in 2017. Throughout her training program, Abbe wanted to offer herself time and space to find balance and for overall self-exploration, as well as to be able to bring and incorporate yoga to her professional clinical work with others.

Yoga Teaching Style: Abbe strives to offer space and guidance to others in her yoga teaching to support the exploration of oneself and overall wellbeing. Abbe uses her calm and soft presence to lead a practice to invite students to discover balance, connection and healing through mindful movement and finding their breath. Abbe aims to help students maintain their own pace throughout their yoga journey.

Outside of Yoga: Abbe’s passion is helping others to find a place of healing. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and currently works as a psychotherapist at a private counseling practice, which she specializes in trauma work. Abbe has experience working with children, adolescents and adults and enjoys working with diverse groups of people in various settings. Abbe has experience teaching yoga in schools, as well as to employees in agency settings. Abbe hopes to continue to share yoga within the community. Loving all things to do with nature, she enjoys hiking with family and friends, especially with her husband and dog. She loves gardening, music, traveling and new adventures.

Favorite Pose: Wheel Pose (Urdva Dhanurasana) Rock Star Pose