Yoga Loft Bingo


  • You will recieve 1 bingo card after your first class of the month.
  • You will receive 1 sticker per class to use on your bingo card.
  • You can place the sticker on your bingo card after class. See example below.
  • You get "Bingo" if you have 5 stickers in a row or 4 corner stickers on your bingo card.
  • After getting "Bingo" on your card, you can get another bingo card to continue playing.
  • Contest runs Feb. 1st - Feb 28th.
  • All winning "Bingo" cards will be placed in a drawing for prizes


  • Free month of yoga for a friend or family member
  • Free Yoga Loft Shirt
  • Free Event (Workshop, Vinyasa and Vino, Family Yoga)


You take Sunday's Restorative Class with Tiffany and bring a friend to the class. After class you will receive 1 sticker. You can place the sticker on Restorative, Tiffany, Sunday or Bring a Friend box. Additionally if student has reviewed The Yoga Loft on Google, Facebook or Yelp, Liked us on Facebook or Followed us on Instagram they can place sticker in appropriate box.