Class Etiquette

We are a boutique yoga studio that is independently owned by Matt and Katy Huth.  Our student capacity is 15 to allow the instructor to move around the room and assist with alignment. We keep our classes smaller so we do not lose the ability to see what's going on in the room and to allow options for modifications. Our instructors provide verbal and visual cuing of poses throughout the class in addition to hands on assistance. We want to be respectful of your space; therefore, if you would prefer to practice without hands on assistance, please inform the instructor prior to class starting. 

Class style- We are very unique in our philosophy and teachings. Every instructor holds a teaching certification and has the knowledge to structure classes with creative and safe sequencing. We encourage our instructors to be creative and authentic in their classes. 

Temperature- Our studio temperature ranges from 75-78 degrees in temperature. We keep the studio this temperature so the body feels comfortable in an easy seated position.  Our classes are designed to warm the body through breath and movement instead of artificially turning up the heat. As the seasons change, we will open the windows to allow some of nature's beauty of light and breeze to flow through the air. 

Volume- We encourage our members to interact with one another. Having a strong community allows for an enjoyable experience and develops a strong sense of a yoga community. Depending on the type of class, there can be a high level of energy in the room. We ask for our members to be mindful of holding personal conversations during class. Once the instructor announces class is beginning, please refrain from continuing the conversation to allow the class to start on time. 

Personal belongings- All you need is your mat! If you would like to bring water or a towel, please feel free to bring this inside the studio space with you. If you forget your mat, we do have a couple of gently used mats that are on a first come first serve basis. All other personal belongings need to remain outside the studio. We lock the door to protect your belongings, therefore all other personal belongings need to remain in the lobby including cellphones. To assist with cleanliness, please leave your shoes in the lobby and do not walk in the studio space with your shoes on. 

Time- We strive to start and end our classes on time.  To help protect personal belongings located outside the studio, we lock the door at the beginning of class. Our doors open 15 minutes prior to class starting so feel free to pop in during this time frame. Once class has started, the doors will be locked. If you are late, you will not be able to come in for class.  We want to be respectful of your time and do not want to disrupt the class if someone is late.  

Parking- Please feel free to park in the parking lot in the front, on the side or at the back of the building.