About us


Yoga is for Everyone

The Yoga Loft was founded on one simple principle: Yoga is for everyone. We believe that classes should be accessible, affordable, and offer a wide range of styles to accommodate the many different needs of our students. Our goal is for you to feel at home as soon as you walk in the door! Find out more about our class styles.


Our Community

Walking into a studio where everyone knows your name, cares about you, and helps you develop your yoga practice is such an important part of the yoga journey and we work hard to cultivate that sense of community at The Yoga Loft. We encourage chatting before classes, asking questions and taking pictures after class, and getting to know your neighbors. We’re all in this together! Click here to learn more about our community and class etiquette.

We are proud to host special events and workshops each month. These events are geared towards providing more time for students to connect with themselves and others, further cultivating our wonderful community.


Finding Balance

We believe in connecting the mind, body and soul together. If we do not have a sound mind, strong body and happy soul, we cannot find the balance we are seeking. Anyone can go to a gym and hop on a treadmill but dedicating time to yourself, feeling movement in your body, connecting with not only your breath but yourself as well can be more challenging than you would think! Commit to your health and wellness today. Still not convinced? Check out this blog about the benefits of yoga.

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